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heperin recall

BD Medical Voluntary Recall

By Leigh Carpenter, RPh, Director of Pharmacy  on April 25, 2018



RECALL NOTICE: BD Medical has issued a voluntary recall of BD PosiFlush Heparin Lock Flush and BD Pre-Filled Normal Saline Flush syringes due to a potential for contamination by bacteria.  


The HoG and Beacon pharmacies have received and dispensed ONLY the BD PosiFlush Heparin Lock Flush involved in the recall.  PLEASE DISCARD ALL BD PosiFlush Heparin Lock Flush. Call the HoG or Beacon pharmacy to reorder.  


The HoG and Beacon Pharmacies have NOT dispensed the recalled Saline Flushes involved in the voluntary recall. Please do not throw away!


If you order clotting factor and flushes from another pharmacy, please contact that pharmacy for assistance.