HoG Handbook

What are Symptomatic Carriers?


Symptomatic carriers are women who carry the hemophilia gene and who also have problems with bleeding.  Half of all hemophilia carriers have factor levels below 50%.  During their monthly periods (menstruation), these women can have more bleeding than is normal.  Their flow will fill many pads in a day.  Their periods can last longer, up to a week or more.  They may also have bleeding problems when they have surgery, have a tooth pulled, or have an accident.

Heavy bleeding during monthly periods is called menorrhagiaYou can read more about it here.  It can sometimes be controlled with hormone pills.  Bleeding in symptomatic carriers can also be treated with DDAVP®.  Some women need to take factor concentrate.  Women who are symptomatic carriers should follow the same advice as someone with mild hemophilia.  They need to check with a hemophilia doctor before they have surgery or have teeth pulled.  They should also always wear a Medic Alert® bracelet or necklace.