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Healthcare Plan Comparison Worksheet


Maybe it's open enrollment time and you are having a hard time selecting the right plan for your family. Maybe you just started a new job and are trying to choose from the plans your new employer is offering. One has lower co-payments; another has a lower deductible. How do you choose?

First, you need to find out the basics of each plan. The Health Care Plan Comparison Worksheet is a great place to start. We tried to capture the important parts of the insurance plans all in one spot. Not only does it have basic questions about co-payments and deductibles, but we have included questions important to those with bleeding disorders. There is room to compare three plans on one sheet.

Now you can use the information you gathered to determine which plan works best for your family. Maybe you rarely go to the doctor but you need coverage for clinic visits, so a higher deductible/lower premium plan sounds better to you. Or do you value choice and prefer a flexible PPO plan? Whatever you decide, make sure the HoG Pharmacy can fill your prescriptions with your new plan by contacting your social worker at the HoG office, 770-518-8272.