It takes more than medicine...


Outreach Nursing


OutreachNursing-20231218_143303-600pxThe Hemophilia of Georgia outreach nurses offer support and education for all Georgia clients. The nurses visit patients in their homes and provide infusion training and follow-up. Outreach nurses also make presentations on bleeding disorders for schools, day care centers, and medical professionals.

Specific nursing services include:

  • In-home education on bleeding disorders for clients and their families
  • Home infusion training and follow-up to interested families
  • Infusion training at Camp Wannaklot
  • Coordination of care between medical professionals
  • Information on treatment and research for inhibitor protocols, HIV/AIDS, and hepatitis
  • Genetics education
  • Presentations on bleeding disorders for schools, day care centers and medical professionals
  • Distribution of helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads to young clients