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Healthcare Transition Guidelines for 5- to 8-year-olds with Inherited Bleeding Disorders

By Theresa Schaffer, LCSW, Director of Social Work

Published October 17, 2019


National Hemophilia Foundation’s Medical and Scientific Advisory Council has established healthcare transition guidelines for the bleeding disorders community. The Hemophilia of Georgia (HoG) Social Work team wants to help you understand the key transition guidelines for various age groups.

Parents of children aged five to eight with bleeding disorders should know:

  • The need for your child to wear MedicAlert® jewelry
  • How to obtain MedicAlert® jewelry
  • How to ensure your child wears protective gear when playing sports
  • How to contact your hematologist and nurse at your hemophilia treatment center (HTC) if you have medical questions

If you don’t know the answer to any of the questions above, please reach out to your HoG-assigned social worker or nurse by calling 770-518-8272.