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African American Family looking at a tablet

NHF Announces New Online Forum for African Americans with Bleeding Disorders

By Tracy Heath, Director of Communications

Published September 9, 2020


Last month, the National Hemophilia Foundation created the Bleeding Disorders and Black Communities, a private online forum hosted by UK-based HealthUnlocked. NHF discovered the need for an online community for Black and African American people with bleeding disorders while holding listening sessions last year. They were trying to understand barriers to care that affect joint health but found much more.

“We know that people who are able to connect online have better health outcomes, so the community support is important,” Kate Nammacher, vice president of education for NHF, said. “But we also want to give participants access to experts in bleeding disorders who will really listen to their questions and concerns and answer their questions.”

If you are Black or African American with a bleeding disorder, you can ask to join the forum by filling out this online form. Forum participants can create profiles, share stories, ask questions and access educational information. NHF will host online Q&A sessions with healthcare providers and mental health experts.

Personal health information is kept private and secure by HealthUnlocked.