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Educate Your Child’s School on Bleeding Disorders

By Michelle Lowe, RN, Senior Director of Clinical Services

Published July 6, 2021


It is a good time to prepare for your child’s school year. Schedule an in-service presentation so that your child’s teachers and school staff know how to respond to medical emergencies related to inherited bleeding disorders. Our outreach nurses are happy to speak with your school or daycare center and provide educational information to maintain your child’s health while in school.

Our nurses cover the basics, answer staff questions, and provide reassurance to the school or day care staff. We teach them when to call parents and discuss important topics, such as discipline and safe sports. Parents are welcome to attend the presentations.

Contact your assigned outreach nurse at 770-518-8272 to schedule a presentation. If you are unsure which nurse to call, please ask for Erica Hunter. You will be asked to fill out a form giving us permission to contact the school or day care center. We can also send an information packet to you that you can present to school personnel if you prefer.

We want to help your child have a safe, happy, and successful year.