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Nipro SafeTouch Safety Winged Infusion Set

By Leigh Carpenter, RPh, Director of Pharmacy

Published April 30, 2018


Nipro SafeTouch%u2122 Safety Winged Infusion Set

Bayer is transitioning the infusion set packaged with Kogenate® FS from the Terumo SURFLO® winged infusion set to the Nipro SafeTouch™ winged infusion set. All new Kogenate® FS potencies will be packaged with the Nipro SafeTouch™ winged infusion set. Instructions on using this infusion set can be found in the Kogenate® FS prescribing information in each individual Kogenate® FS package. If you have any questions, please contact your HoG nurse.


Some benefts of the new Nipro SafeTouch™ winged infusion set:
• Built-in safety features help minimize the incidence of accidental needle sticks.
• The Nipro SafeTouch™ infusion set has a low needle profile and features textured wings for a secure grip.

If you prefer the Terumo™ needles, you can order them separately with your factor. We carry them in both 23G and 25G.