HoG Handbook

Step 9: Withdraw factor into the syringe


A. Using the instructions provided with your factor, attach the syringe to the factor bottle.

B. Turn the factor bottle upside down.

C. Pull back on the plunger to fill the syringe with the liquid factor (see the illustration).

D. Remove the syringe from the factor bottle.

E. Put the plastic cap back on the end of the filled syringe.


  • This is a step that varies between brands of factor concentrate.  Be sure to follow the steps provided with the factor you are using.
  • If air bubbles appear in the factor in the syringe, hold the syringe needle side up.  Tap the syringe sharply with your finger.  The bubbles will rise to the top and can be pushed out.

Caution: Do not touch the tip of the syringe.

Figure 4-14  Filling the syringe with factor.

Fig 4-14 filling the syringe