HoG Handbook

Step 2: Warm factor and sterile water (diluent) to room temperature



  • Rub the bottles between your hands or place them in the pit of your arm.

Caution: Do not use hot water to warm bottles.  The hot water may lower the strength of the factor.

  • If the sterile water (diluent) appears cloudy before mixing, do not use it since it may be impure.
  • If you do not have sterile water or sterile normal saline for diluent, call your HTC.  Do not use tap water for diluent.  Also do not use distilled water sold in jugs or water for contact lenses.  Use only sterile water or sterile normal saline labeled “for injection”.
  • If the diluent bottle is broken, save the bottle of factor.  The place where you get your factor or your HTC can replace the diluent.
  • If the factor powder looks yellowish, go ahead and use it.  The yellow color can be caused by the freeze-drying process or by albumin in the factor.  If the powder is any other color, call your HTC.  Different brands of factor may vary in their color.