HoG Handbook

Problems with Your Job


If you work outside the home, your boss may not understand that your child’s bleeding disorder may sometimes affect your work. It may be necessary to miss work to take your child to the doctor or monitor a bleed. These absences could cause problems with your job. Your boss probably knows little about bleeding disorders. Nurse and child This is your chance to educate! Employers are often glad to get this information and value your honesty. It might make them more willing to work with you to find a solution that works well for both of you.

The nurse and social worker at your HTC are available to talk to your employer. They can give you written information about your child’s bleeding disorder to pass along. There are laws to prevent discrimination in the workplace and protect parents who have to take care of sick children.

You may also be worried about the health insurance you have through your job. Since treatment for a bleeding disorder can be expensive, you may hesitate to file a claim with your insurance company for fear of losing your job. This may be especially true if you work for a small company. Talk to the social worker at your HTC. They can explain what protection you have under the law.