HoG Handbook

Dealing with Your Family


Sometimes it can be very hard to get along with the people you love the most.family 2023

You may feel confused because you know you need your parents, but you are struggling to break away from them. During your teens, it may seem that your parents do not understand your need to become your own person and direct your own life. Actually, they may feel conflicted too. Your parents want to give you freedom, but they must be sure you have the self-control and judgment to be safe and happy. You can show them that you can handle more freedom. Behave responsibly and set your own limits when you need them.

Rivalry between you and your siblings is normal. It happens in any family. However, understanding your siblings’ thoughts and feelings may help you have fewer conflicts with them. When you need to take medicine, you may need extra help or attention from your parents. During these times, your siblings may feel ignored by your parents. They may even feel your parents do not love them as much as they do you. This may cause your siblings to feel angry toward you. Then they feel guilty because of the anger.

These kinds of feelings can easily get bottled up. Sooner or later, the feelings may come out in ways people do not even recognize. For example, children who feel jealous of a sibling may react to these feelings by disobeying their parents. One way to avoid a lot of hurt between family members is to have open and truthful talks about feelings.

It can be very hard to have an open and honest talk with your family. Maybe you can start by asking them about their feelings. Try not to sound as if you are accusing the other person of anything. This will make that person more likely to open up. Someone who feels defensive will not want to share true feelings with you. Let the other person know that you truly care and are willing to listen.