HoG Handbook

Reducing Hemophilia Costs


MoneyCosts associated with hemophilia can be quite daunting.  Following these steps will help you manage these costs better:

  1. Contact your hemophilia social worker.  The social worker can help estimate the health care costs and suggest options for paying them.
  2. Explore the resources you already have.  There might be an existing insurance policy that will cover the person with hemophilia.  Family members can check with their employers in order to determine if a plan may fit.
  3. Explore other resources.  Some of these resources are described here.  The hemophilia social worker can suggest others according to the family's needs.

The comprehensive care approach has decreased the financial burden for many people with hemophilia.  This approach focuses on preventing as well as solving a wide range of problems.  The patient in comprehensive care has fewer hospital stays and long-term disabilities.  He has lower costs "down the road.”

You can reduce your medical costs by learning to infuse factor concentrate at home.  Home care reduces costs in two ways.

First, you need fewer hospital visits for treatment and this saves both time and money, allowing you to be more productive and to miss fewer days of work or school.

Second, home care lets you treat bleeds quickly.  This lowers the cost of rehabilitation that is usually needed if treatment is delayed.