HoG Handbook

How to use The Hemophilia, von Willebrand Disease & Platelet Disorders Handbook


Your knowledge of bleeding disorders will not come all at once.  We don’t expect you to read The Handbook straight through at one sitting.  Instead, we suggest that you skim the sections that do not apply at the time and concentrate on the ones that do.  As a child with a bleeding disorder grows up, his needs and concerns change.  Certain sections of The Handbook will become useful at different times.  The Handbook offers several features to help you find and understand the information you need.

The red bar across the top of each page shows the eight Handbook Chapters. Clicking on a Chapter name takes you to an introductory page for the Chapter and displays a list of Sections along the left side of the page. Some Sections have sub-sections called Articles.  You can see a list of Articles in a Section by clicking on the Section name in the menu on the left.

Pop-up Definitions
As you read pages of The Handbook, you’ll notice some words are in blue italics.  Moving your cursor over one of these words will display a bubble showing the definition of the word.  You can close the bubble by clicking on the gray x in the top right corner of the bubble.

What’s New
We intend for The Handbook to grow and provide even more information to families with bleeding disorders.  Want to know what’s been changed or added recently?  Look at the top right corner of each page – a “What’s New” block shows this information.

Want to find information on a specific topic quickly?  The “Search” box at the top of each page will help you.  Only The Handbook is searched.