HoG Handbook

Steps to Prepare and Infuse Factor


Below is an outline of the steps to take to prepare and infuse most brands of factor concentrate.  Clicking on each step will open a new window with detailed instructions.

Your brand of factor may have different steps, especially in mixing the factor powder and the liquid.  The factor manufacturers have provided instructions about infusing their products on their own web pages.  These are listed here as an additional reference:

Regardless of which brand of factor you infuse, you should always use sterile technique.  Sterile technique is the way materials and equipment are handled when taking factor.  When something is sterile, it is totally free of germs.  The main reason someone who is infusing uses sterile technique is to keep germs from getting into the blood.

If you self-infuse, you should have someone with you in case you have an allergic reaction to the factor.  That person should know how to call 911 and start CPR.  Allergic reactions are discussed here.

Steps to Prepare and Infuse Factor

Click on each step to open a new window with detailed instructions.

  1. Check the factor bottles for dose and expiration date.
  2. Warm factor and sterile water (diluent) to room temperature.
  3. Select a clean, well-lit work surface.
  4. Arrange all other materials, including those to be used for infusion.
  5. Review Sterile Technique.
  6. Wash hands.
  7. Mix diluent and factor powder using the double-ended needle or the needle-less transfer device. (Or Alternate 7: mix diluent and factor powder using the syringe method.)
  8. Rotate the bottle with your hands to dissolve the powder in the water.
  9. Withdraw factor into the syringe.
  10. Attach the butterfly needle and tubing to the syringe with the factor.
  11. Push the plunger on the syringe so that the factor goes almost to the end of the tubing.
  12. Wash hands.
  13. Find a comfortable position.
  14. Choose a vein.
  15. Wrap a tourniquet above the vein.
  16. Feel for a pulse.
  17. Clean the skin where you are going to be infusing.
  18. Remove the plastic cap from the butterfly needle and stick the needle into the vein.
  19. Check for a blood return.
  20. Tape the tubing, if needed, just below the butterfly wings.
  21. Remove the tourniquet.
  22. Slowly inject the factor.
  23. Check for a blood return.
  24. Loosely place a gauze pad over the site.
  25. Remove the needle and drop it in the sharps disposal container.
  26. Hold pressure with your finger over the site for five to seven minutes.
  27. Put a Band-Aid® or small pressure bandage over the site.
  28. Discard used equipment and clean the work surface.
  29. Record the infusion on your treatment calendar.
  30. Check supplies and factor for future use.