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Health Hints from Hemo and Friends Activity Book


Healthy Hints Book CoverHemo, Factor Fido and Calendar Cat have teamed up to bring you 8 Healthy Hints on how to eat healthy and increase physical activity! Each Healthy Hint features a fun activity that you can print out and do at home including word searches, cross word puzzles, and more!

Healthy Hint 1

Spend 60 minutes a day being physically active.

Healthy Hint 2

Spend less than 2 hours a day watching TV and playing video and computer games.

Healthy Hint 3

Eat a VARIETY of at least 5 fruits and vegetables a day.

Healthy Hint 4

Snack on more healthy foods and less on junk foods and sweets.

Healthy Hint 5

Unscramble the clues to find out!

Healthy Hint 6

Drink at least 2 glasses/bottles of water a day instead of soda.

Healthy Hint 7

Eat less fast food (2 or less times per week) and make healthier fast food choices.

Healthy Hint 8

One size doesn't fit all--find your balance between food and physical activity.

Plus, there are even Fun and Easy Recipes you can print out!

NOTE:  These activity pages can be printed out only for personal use. Contact our Director of Health Education at Hemophilia of Georgia about obtaining copyright permission to make additional copies, or if you'd like to receive a printed copy of Health Hints from Hemo & Friends.