HoG Handbook

Amicar® (epsilon aminocaproic acid) and Cyklokapron® (tranexamic acid)


Amicar® and Cyklokapron® are drugs that prevent a fibrin clot from breaking down.  They do not help the body form a clot.  These drugs stop one of the body’s enzymes, plasmin, from dissolving the clot.  They keep the clot in place after it has already been made.

Amicar® can be taken by mouth as a pill or as a flavored syrup.  It is also available as a solution to be injected into a vein.  Cyklokapron® is only available as a solution to be injected.

These drugs are useful when you have bleeding in your mouth.  Your saliva (spit) will break down a clot.  Amicar® and Cyklokapron® can stop this from happening.  Take these drugs exactly as your doctor orders.  If you skip a dose or stop taking them too soon, you can start bleeding again.

Do not use Amicar® if you have blood in your urine.  It can make you have clots in your kidneys which will damage them.