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physicianThis chapter of The Handbook describes physical problems that can be caused by a bleeding disorder.  Problems that are caused directly or indirectly by a disorder are called complications.  You should keep in mind that all of these complications will not happen to any one person.  The first reason to be aware of them is that they can often be prevented or avoided.  The second reason is that they can often be treated.  The purpose of this section is to share with you current preventions and treatments.  This is really an introduction.  You can get more information from your HTC.

This section mentions allergic reactions and mental or emotional distress only briefly.  You can read more about allergic reactions to factor concentrate here.

Mental and emotional reactions to a bleeding disorder are covered in the chapter, Feelings & Reactions

The complications that are the main focus of this chapter are inhibitors; joint damage including synovitis and arthritis; pain; hepatitis; and HIV infection.  In the past, some people with hemophilia got hepatitis and AIDS from factor concentrate.  There have been no new cases of infection with the AIDS virus (HIV) from factor since 1985.  There have been no reports of factor causing hepatitis since the early 1990s.  You can read more about factor safety here.