Programs and Services


Fall Family Camp

Hemophilia of Georgia’s comprehensive services help meet the challenges facing the bleeding disorder community.  Since inherited bleeding disorders affect not only an individual but his or her entire family, HoG offers programs and services for every member of the family.

Hemophilia of Georgia exists so that people affected by bleeding disorders can live as normally and productively as possible. The belief that "it takes more than medicine" to achieve this mission is the foundation upon which Hemophilia of Georgia has built an extensive array of support services, including:

Pharmacy Services

  • A home delivery program which distributes infusion supplies, factor and clotting medications
  • An assistance program, funded by the State of Georgia, to help with insurance and out-of-pocket medical costs, based on financial need.
  • A product recall procedure for notifying clients when a product is recalled by the manufacturer
  • Complete insurance service, which includes filing of insurance, Medicare and Medicaid claims, and assistance with other insurance issues.

Outreach Nursing Services

  • Support and education from a team of outreach nurses
  • Presentations on bleeding disorders for schools, day care centers, and medical professionals
  • Genetic counseling and information about carrier testing
  • Home infusion training and follow-up for interested families
  • Information on treatments and research protocols for HIV/AIDS and hepatitis
  • Distribution of helmets, knee pads and elbow pads to clients through the age of 17
  • Distribution of insulated travel kits and supply boxes

Social Support Services

  • Assistance with personal and financial issues from a team of social workers
  • Funds to purchase MedicAlert® bracelets, based on financial need
  • Resources to help with the expense of a health insurance policy, based on financial need
  • Assistance with some clinic charges not covered by insurance or Medicaid, based on financial need
  • Help with transportation and/or lodging for clinic visits, based on financial need
  • Scholarships for qualified clients who wish to further their education after high school
  • Career-option counseling and vocational testing referrals for interested clients.

Clinic and Research Funding

  • Financial funding for the comprehensive care of bleeding disorders in adults and children, as well the purchase of equipment and provision of staff and educational materials for clinics at Children's Healthcare at Egleston and Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, The Children’s Hospital at Memorial University Medical Center in Savannah, and Georgia Regents University in Augusta.
  • Funding of research on hemophilia and von Willebrand Disease and the complications they can cause
  • Membership in the National Hemophilia Foundation and the World Federation of Hemophilia.

Educational Services and Information

Activities and Programs

  • Activities for clients and their families who are interested in community advocacy and legislative issues
  • Camping programs, including Camp Wannaklot, a summer camp program for young people ages 7-17, and Family Camp, an opportunity for the whole family to share the camping experience
  • Activities for peer support and education including programs for women, teens, and parents
  • Volunteer opportunities are available for HoG fundraising events and educational programs (such as Camp Wannaklot), and on special event committees.

For more information about any of these services and programs, or to find out about volunteer opportunities, please contact Hemophilia of Georgia at 770-518-8272 or