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prescription padThis chapter of The Handbook is about recognizing and treating bleeding in a person with a bleeding disorder.  It gives you the "where, what, and how" of treatment.  Optimal care involves learning to treat bleeding yourself at home (home therapy) and being seen regularly at a hemophilia treatment center.

People with bleeding disorders use a variety of medicines to treat bleeding, depending upon their diagnosis.  Some medicines are made from human blood (blood products) and others are man made (non blood products).  People with moderate and severe hemophilia use factor concentrate (usually just called "factor") to treat most bleeds. Factor concentrate can be made from blood (plasma-based products) or not contain any human blood at all (recombinant products).  The most commonly used medicines by people with VWD and platelet disorders are desmopressin acetate (a non-blood product) and platelets and factor concentrate.

This chapter tells you how to treat different kinds of bleeds.  Treating bleeds the right way is only one part of taking care of a bleeding disorder.  However, it is one of the main keys to success.  Always talk to your bleeding disorder doctor before beginning any treatment.

Finally, in this chapter you'll find the steps for preparing and using factor outside a hospital or clinic.  Treating yourself this way is called home therapy.  The directions for giving factor are not meant to replace face-to-face lessons given by a hemophilia professional.  They are meant instead to be reminders of what is taught at hemophilia treatment centers.  Hemophilia nurses or doctors may change The Handbook guidelines depending on your needs.