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Client Dinners Offer a Chance to Come Together

Published January 16, 2015


By Michelle Putnam, Associate Director of Research & Advocacy

During the holidays, we had time to be with family, fellowship with friends, and see those we hadn’t seen in a while. We united around common bonds, whether through shared memories or resolutions for the new year. Fortunately, when it comes to our Hemophilia of Georgia family, we don’t have to wait until another holiday season to get together. Throughout the spring and fall, we have the chance for fellowship during client dinners, when we share a meal together, share experiences, and share some of our most pressing questions.

One of the challenges of living with a bleeding disorder can be finding someone else who shares the experience. Sure, Camp Wannaklot gives our kids a chance to develop friendships with kids who share their diagnosis, and Family Camp allows parents to fellowship with other parents. Some make lifelong friendships with people they meet at our camps. But, it is also nice to get to know the people who live near you. Our client dinners take place across the state, from Brunswick to Athens to Dalton. We’ve even learned how to please everyone by having dinners at a buffet where there is something to please everyone’s palate (including cotton candy and chocolate waterfalls).

At client dinners, our main goal is to give families time to enjoy a nice dinner, but also to give kids and parents time to introduce themselves and talk with other families. Those who have been to Camp Wannaklot talk about their time at camp, convincing younger kids to give it a try. Teenagers talk about the fun they’ve had at Teen Retreat, regaling younger ones with tales of leadership and travels. Those who have been to Family Camp convince other families to join, hoping to make our community even closer. Most importantly though, these dinners give us a safe, confidential space: a place to talk candidly about the challenges you or your kids have faced when it comes to living with a bleeding disorder.

For those of you who join us at client dinners, we thank you for taking the time out of busy schedules to make time for your bleeding disorder community. Many families now recognize each other from previous client dinners and events, which really does give our client dinners the feel of a family gathering. And we are always ready to welcome more of you!

If there are ways that you think client dinners could be improved, whether it is through more education or more icebreaker games, let us know! Feel free to contact Michelle Putnam at the HoG