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8607 Roberts Drive, Suite 150 Sandy Springs, GA 30350-2237


Factor Fido & Calendar Cat Learn Infusion Coloring Book


Coloring book coverJoin Factor Fido and Calendar Cat as they learn proper infusion technique. You can print out each page to color at home.*

Page 1

Factor Fido cleans his work surface. 

Page 2

Factor Fido gathers his supplies.

Page 3

They wash their hands.

Page 4

Don't touch!

Page 5

Calendar Cat mixes the factor.

Page 6

Factor Fido fills the syringe with factor.

Page 7

Calendar Cat puts on the tourniquet while Factor Fido finds the vein.

Page 8

Factor Fido cleans his skin with alcohol.

Page 9

The stick.

Page 10

Calendar Cat releases the tourniquet while Factor Fido pushes the factor.

Page 11

Factor Fido applies pressure.  Don't forget the adhesive bandage. 

Page 12

Factor Fido writes on his treatment calendar. 

Page 13

Factor Fido joins The Mighty Sticker Club. Congratulations!

NOTE: These coloring pages can be printed out only for personal use. Contact our Director of Health Education at Hemophilia of Georgia about obtaining copyright permission to make additional copies or if you would like to receive a printed copy of Factor Fido and Calendar Cat Learn Infusion.

* These pictures are not meant to be inclusive of all the steps in self infusion and are not to replace the instruction of a trained professional. A responsible adult should supervise a child who is self-infusing in the event the child needs assistance or has a reaction to the factor product.  Hemophilia of Georgia cannot be held responsible for errors or for any consequence arising from the use of this information.