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8607 Roberts Drive, Suite 150 Sandy Springs, GA 30350-2237


Dear HoG: Job Counseling

Published May 9, 2008


Horizons In Hemophilia, Fall 2007


Dear HoG:

I had to give up my construction job because I've had too many joint bleeds. It's hard to stay on my feet for long periods of time. I have heard that there are special counselors in Georgia who can help me find a better line of work, but I have no idea where to find them. Can you help?

--Need a New Job

Dear Need a New Job:

There are many people who need to change jobs because of physical limitations. It's not necessarily a time to give up. It might just be a time to switch gears. The Georgia Department of Labor's Department of Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Services is the place to begin. You can go to the website at or call the main office in Atlanta at 404-232-3910 and review their services, which include an initial assessment, vocational counseling and training, as well as assistance in locating employers who might be very happy to have you on board. Depending on your income, they might also be able to give you funds for continued education and training.

When it's appropriate, these "voc-rehab" specialists also can help their clients get access to the latest in assistive work technology. Will you need an occupational therapist or a job coach to help make the transition? You will be referred to other specialists if need be. Again, some services are provided to you if you're below a certain income level, so it's important to discuss this with a vocational rehab counselor. And don't think that you'll be excluded from this training and assistance if you're receiving Social Security Disability benefits. They have special programs to help you, too. Offices are located throughout the state.