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8607 Roberts Drive, Suite 150 Sandy Springs, GA 30350-2237


Dear HoG: Written Prescriptions

Published May 9, 2008


Horizons in Hemophilia, Winter 2008


Dear HoG:

Our insurance coverage does not permit the HoG pharmacy to be a provider for my son's Amicar and Stimate. We do get our factor from you, but there seems to be some confusion at clinic in giving me a written prescription to take to my local pharmacy for the Amicar and Stimate when we need it. Please advise me on how to make the process easier.

--Two Pharmacy Mom

Dear Two Pharmacy Mom:

Thank you so much for choosing the HoG pharmacy to dispense your son's factor prescriptions! When insurance companies dictate that you use another "in-network provider" pharmacy for Amicar or Stimate, the best thing to do is to notify the clinic staff during your comprehensive care visit. HoG client prescriptions are faxed to the HoG pharmacy, usually the day after clinic. If the clinic staff is unaware of your unique situation, your Amicar and Stimate prescriptions get faxed over as well. By informing the staff the day of your visit, you can make sure you leave the clinic with the needed written prescription in hand. This can avoid phone calls and frustration when the time comes to use the Amicar or Stimate.