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8607 Roberts Drive, Suite 150 Sandy Springs, GA 30350-2237


Factor Hints

Published May 9, 2008


Horizons In Hemophilia, Winter 2006


  • Dosage sheets are included in your factor orders. Please use them to ensure that you are getting the correct dosage for your treatments. In addition, each individual dose is packed in a plastic bag with the total dosage marked on the outside.
  • NEVER let yourself go below three doses.
  • Call before 12:00 noon for same day shipping.
  • DO NOT MIX DIFFERENT BRANDS OF FACTOR TOGETHER! i.e., Do not mix Monoclate-P (blue box) with Hemofil-M (white box) for the same injection.
  • Treatment calendars and prescriptions must be kept up-to-date. Prescriptions written for factor at your comprehensive clinic visits are usually good for one year. You must call to schedule an appointment with the clinic yearly. Be sure to put your clinic physician's name on your treatment calendars when you fill them out.
  • Factor should never be exposed to extreme temperatures (below freezing or above room temperature, 86 degrees Fahrenheit). Manufacturers do not recommend that factor be used after it has been exposed to extreme heat or cold. Check with your pharmacist, doctor, or nurse before using. If factor has been accidentally placed in your freezer for a short time, it is usually fine to use. If the sterile water diluent has frozen, simply roll the vial in your hands to warm it up and use.
  • Remember to check your factor supply well in advance of a holiday.
  • We ship packages via Federal Express and United Parcel Service. Please call us if you experience any delays or problems with your package delivery. If you order only supplies from us, they will be shipped UPS Ground Service, which takes two to three days. Please check your inventory frequently, and order before your supplies run down too low.
  • Thanks for your cooperation!