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8607 Roberts Drive, Suite 150 Sandy Springs, GA 30350-2237

HoG New Pharmacy Services

HoG Enhanced Comprehensive Care Through Medication Therapy Management

By Leigh Carpenter, RPh, Vice President of Pharmacy Services

Published May 7, 2021


Clients of HoG and Beacon pharmacies can now expect an increased quality of care from our Medication Therapy Management (MTM) Pharmacist and clinical care team. As a member of the multi-disciplinary healthcare team, the MTM pharmacist collaborates with nurses, social workers, prescribers, and other healthcare providers to help clients manage their medications, providing clients the highest quality of care possible to improve their health outcomes.

To achieve this, the Clinical MTM pharmacist provides one-on-one telephone consultations with pharmacy clients. All new clients will receive an initial pharmacy assessment prior to starting therapy. During this consultation, the pharmacist will review all medications the patient is taking in addition to bleeding disorder therapies. This is called a drug reconciliation. Currently prescribed factor and non-factor bleeding disorder medications are reviewed to include dosage, directions for use, and storage. Any other medical conditions should be discussed as well, along with listing any drug allergies. When clients call in to refill a prescription, the pharmacy staff will ask for updates on weight changes, new medications started, new allergies, and any new medical conditions. If there are new products prescribed or any changes in current therapy, an assessment is done again. The MTM Pharmacist also conducts reassessments every six months for clients using our pharmacies.

The Clinical Care Team was created to provide a multidisciplinary approach to better serve our clients by streamlining the process for new client intake, treatment plans, and hospital discharge planning. The team consists of a MTM Pharmacist, Clinical Nurse Coordinator, Accounts Receivable Specialist, Director of Social Work, Director of Nursing, and administrative support staff. Each team member provides their expertise to ensure client needs are met in an effective and efficient manner. The team is also a direct source of contact for the medical teams we support at our Hemophilia Treatment Centers (HTCs) across the state.