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8607 Roberts Drive, Suite 150 Sandy Springs, GA 30350-2237


The Path of a Factor Order: From Telephone to Door

Published May 9, 2008


Horizons In Hemophilia, Fall 2005  

By Leigh Carpenter RPh, Chief Pharmacist


Did you ever wonder why we ask so many questions when you call to place a factor order? Many different items must be confirmed and "checked off" before you receive your order so that it is delivered correctly and HoG is reimbursed correctly. Let's address the reasons for needing this information:

Insurance changes
If you have a change in your insurance, we need to know as soon as possible. In order for HoG to get paid by the insurance carriers in a timely manner, we must bill the claims correctly. Lapses in coverage can be discussed with our social workers. The forms needed for the Uninsured Program and Client Assistance Program must be on file before factor orders are shipped out.

Phone numbers
It is very important to give us a DAYTIME phone number where you can be reached quickly if the pharmacy staff has a question about your order. Such issues as shortages, back orders, dosing discrepancies, supplies needed and shipping delays may need to be communicated to you before your factor order can be sent. If we can't reach you during the day, your order might be delayed.

Number of doses on hand
It's important for us to know how many doses you have on hand. HoG stocks every brand of factor, but there are times when we may not have a sufficient quantity on hand to ship out your entire order. In order to reduce back orders, the pharmacist can order from the manufacturer for next-day arrival. This would push your shipping day back an additional day. That is why it is so important to call and re-order factor before you totally run out of doses. We recommend placing your order when you get down to 3-4 doses. If the shipping date is going to be different from what was originally scheduled for you, we will call you and let you know (another reason why we need those DAYTIME phone numbers)!

The HoG pharmacy utilizes both Fed Ex and UPS for shipping. Most overnight shipments are sent Fed Ex. All Fed Ex packages are routed by airplane through Memphis, Tennessee, and then sent back to Georgia. Therefore, weather delays in Memphis could delay shipments. There is also a chance for "mis-sorting" in Memphis-a package might be put on the wrong plane and delay its arrival to you. UPS Ground is a cheaper route for many shipments. Most orders that are "supplies only" are shipped UPS Ground. The UPS sales representatives tell us that UPS Ground in Georgia can be delivered overnight. There is a chance the package could take longer than one day to be delivered. If an order does not arrive when we promised it, please contact the pharmacy immediately.

We all know emergencies can happen. When they do and you need a Saturday delivery, we will ship it to you. There are certain risks with Saturday deliveries. If the package is lost it won't be found until at least the following Monday. This can ruin the factor if it is left in a warehouse over the weekend. We like to avoid Saturday deliveries for this reason. It is our goal for you to receive your factor order in a timely, safe manner. By planning ahead, and communicating much-needed information when you place your order, we can do our best to get your medicine to your front door when you need it.