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8607 Roberts Drive, Suite 150 Sandy Springs, GA 30350-2237


Horizons in Hemophilia November 2011


HoG Thanksgiving Hours
Happy Thanksgiving from everyone at Hemophilia of Georgia!  The HoG office, HoG pharmacy, and Beacon Pharmacy will close at noon on Wednesday November 23rd and will remain closed on Thursday and Friday November 24th and 25th for Thanksgiving.  Please order early to make sure you have enough factor on hand.   

Congratulations to Noah B., HoG’s Newest Mighty Sticker!
By Leesa Warshauer, RN, Outreach Nurse
Eleven-year-old Noah B. successfully completed self-infusion training and joins the ranks of the Mighty Sticker Club.  Noah has attended Camp Wannaklot for the past three summers and it was there that he became interested in learning how to self-infuse. Read more.

Dry Air Can Cause Nosebleeds
By Penny Kumpf, RN, VWD Community Outreach Nurse
Here we are again at the time of year when the heat comes on and you and your family may have to deal with nosebleeds. Read more.

Hit 'Em for Hemophilia Golf Tournament Raises $175,000 for Bleeding Disorders Research
By Karen Daniel, Marketing and Communications Director
More than 200 golfers and dozens of volunteers participated in the 29th annual Hit 'Em for Hemophilia Golf Tournament on Tuesday, November 1, 2011 at Château Élan Winery and Resort in Braselton, Georgia. Read more.

Hospital Discharge Planning after Surgery
By Rueleen Kapsch, RN, Quality Assurance Nurse
Hospital discharge planning can be quite involved if you have a bleeding disorder, but you can ask for help from your Hemophilia Treatment Center (HTC) nurse coordinator and your HoG outreach nurse.  Read more.

It’s a Wrap!
By Mary Ann Tyler, RN, HoG Outreach Nurse
A misstep can leave you with a twisted ankle or even worse. This type of injury can mean a long recovery, but thanks to AquaWrap, your recovery can be quicker. Now that’s good news!  AquaWrap is a unique cooling compression wrap that can play a significant role in the treatment of hemophilia. Read more.

NHF Medical Advisory #414 - Warning about use of Nonsterile Alcohol Wipes
On October 26, 2011 the National Hemophilia Foundation issued Medical Advisory #414 which "recommend(s) that all individuals who have alcohol wipes or other prep pads/swabs in their home examine the individual packages to see if they contain the word “Sterile.”  Read more.

Travel Advice
By Jeff Cornett, RN MSN, Director of Training, Research, & Advocacy
By carrying their factor and other medicines with them, people with bleeding disorders can travel more easily than ever before.  A little planning is all it takes for travel to go smoothly. Any traveler who has a health problem needs to carry a letter from his or her doctor.  Read more.

Medicare Basics Part 2:  Medicare B & C
By Robert Gillespie, LMSW, Social Worker
Medicare Parts A and B are the best known areas of Medicare.  As discussed in the previous article, Medicare Part A is automatically awarded when a person becomes eligible for Medicare.  A little known fact is that Medicare Part B is an optional aspect of the program and usually the recipients must pay monthly deductibles to keep Medicare Part B.  Read more.  

Storage Enhancements for BeneFIX
By Leigh Carpenter, RPh, Director of Pharmacy
Pfizer has announced enhanced room temperature storage for BeneFIX.  This recombinant factor IX product has now been approved by the FDA to be stored at room temperature (up to 86 degrees Fahrenheit) for up to two years.  Read more.

Xyntha Solufuse Now Available
By Leigh Carpenter, RPh, Director of Pharmacy
Pfizer recently announced the availability of Xyntha in a prefilled dual-chamber syringe.  The recombinant factor VIII product will now be called Xyntha Solofuse.  The factor VIII and diluent come preloaded in an all-in-one device.  Patients will no longer need a transfer step to mix the factor and diluent.  Read more.

Telling Your Story – Part Two
By Jeff Cornett RN MSN, Director of Training, Research, & Advocacy
In our October 2011 newsletter, we discussed ways people with hemophilia and their family members can explain their disorder to others.  This month, we’ll do the same thing for those with von Willebrand Disease (VWD). Most people have at least heard of hemophilia.  The same can’t be said for von Willebrand Disease.  It is not widely known, even among health care providers. Read more.

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