Camp Wannaklot and the Trot to Clot Walk And Run — A Winning Combination!

on March 30, 2012


By Heather B.

Heather's groupBeing a spouse of someone with hemophilia has introduced me to a community filled with amazing people. As I learn about their stories and how HoG has enriched all our lives, I am humbled and more determined to be a part of something so special and important.  My first major volunteer job was as a counselor at Camp Wannaklot and 2012 will be my fourth year in this role.  It's always one of the best weeks of my year, because I get to meet kids who just want to have fun and leave their labels behind.  As someone who grew up with a severe visual impairment, I can sure identify and I try to pass along lessons imparted to me so many years ago. The love comes back to me in smiles and hugs from former campers.

2012 marks my 10th year volunteering for HoG and will include speaking with state and national legislators about the needs of the community and serving on planning committees for both the Hit 'Em For Hemophilia Golf Tournament and the Trot To Clot Hemophilia Walk and Run.  I will also be returning as a counselor for Camp Wannaklot, which is always one of the most rewarding weeks of my year.  The campers always come with eagerness and spirit and we get to shepherd them through their journey towards understanding and overcoming their unique challenges with lots of adventures and laughs along the way.  I have also worked with Family Camp, which has given us the chance to connect with other families to swap stories, strategies and heartfelt empathy.

I was elated to learn that the 2012 Trot to Clot will help fund Camp Wannaklot and that is a winning combination!  Clients and supporters of HoG can form teams to raise awareness about bleeding disorders in their communities and have the added bonus of raising funds for camp!  The Trot to Clot is an excellent way for clients like my family to give back some of what HoG has blessed us with and we hope to see that same spirit and enthusiasm at Stone Mountain this May.

If you would like to run or walk, you can get all the details about registering for the Trot to Clot Walk and Run at

And, there is still time to volunteer as a counselor for Camp Wannaklot.  As I said, camp is one of the most rewarding weeks of my year.  To find out more about what camp volunteers do, please visit or call Kim at the HoG office. 



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