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Nurses' Week Spotlight: Stephanie Matz

By Tracy Heath, Director of Communications  on April 15, 2020


As we continue to celebrate Nurses' Week here at HoG, today, we spotlight Stephanie Matz. At the moment, Stephanie is playing two roles on our nursing team. She is maintaining her outreach nursing post for Gwinnett and Walton counties, while taking over the responsibilities of the Director of Nursing. She was given a handful right as COVID-19 kicked in, but she has been handling it beautifully, and we are so proud to call her one of our own. Here's her story.

Q: What territory do you serve?Stephanie Matz
A: I’ve been serving Gwinnett and Walton counties as an outreach Nurse, but now I’m the Director of Nursing.

Q: Why or how did you get into nursing?
A: I went into nursing as a second career after I had worked in sales and customer service for over 13 years. Best decision I’ve ever made!

Q: How long have you been a nurse?
A:  Did you work somewhere as a nurse before joining HoG? I worked in the hospital for about 6 years. I started at Emory main campus then I worked at Gwinnett Medical Center. I’ve been at HoG 3 years.

Q: What do you enjoy most and/or what are you most proud of in your role at HoG?
A:  Helping parents achieve independence has been very rewarding.

Q: What do you think is the most important contribution of nurses to the inherited bleeding disorders community or as a whole beyond the inherited bleeding disorders community?
A: I think the most important contribution of nurses to the bleeding disorder community is training and education. Helping parents achieve independence , helping clients achieve independence, and educating families and the community is our primary focus. Nurses are the backbone of our healthcare industry and one of the most important aspects.

Q: Do you have a memorable client story you would like to share?
A: Meeting a family with a newborn baby just after starting at HoG. Seeing him grown and helping his parents achieve independence was so rewarding!




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