Why do we ask all those questions when you call HoG?

on September 21, 2011


By Millie Rondon, Office ManagerMillie 2011

One of my responsibilities as Office Manager is to ensure that the staff who answer our  telephones are trained in the proper handling of incoming calls.  When you call and ask for a staff member by name, our job is easy.  Sometimes, however, you may call us and not know exactly who you need to speak with because an unfamiliar circumstance has come up.  It is especially at those times that we want to ensure we get you in contact with the person best suited to handle your call. 

We currently have 39 staff members at HoG and many of them are often out of the office, visiting clients, attending clinic, or making presentations in the community.  We never want you to be passed from one staff member to another until you are finally put in contact with the one that can help you. And, if possible, we try to connect your call to a person who is in the office and available to help you right away so you don’t have to leave a message.

On a side note, I’ll bet you didn’t know that it’s our custom at HoG never to use a client’s full name when we page a staff member.  And I’ll bet you didn’t know that when HoG staff members discuss a situation regarding a client’s factor order or insurance, etc., we don’t use the client’s name but instead refer to him by a computer code.  These are just two of the ways we protect our clients’ privacy and abide by HIPAA regulations.  In fact, we’ve got a staff member who we affectionately refer to as the “sheriff” because she is always reminding us of our responsibilities in this regard.

So the next time you call, help us help you by answering the  few questions that will enable us to get you to the person who can best assist you “lickity split.”



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