November 23, 2015

A Season of Giving

This Thanksgiving season I’m afforded the opportunity to pause and reflect, with gratitude, on all that we’ve accomplished together and all the possibilities that lie ahead. I’m thankful for the legacy and framework that Trish Dominic created and the opportunity to lead HoG towards innovation and future growth. I’m grateful for HoG’s team of donors, volunteers and staff who are dedicated and passionate about our mission to ensure that people affected by bleeding disorders live as normally and productively as possible.


October 7, 2015

Hemophilia is Like Living in a Small Town

Every year the National Hemophilia Foundation (NHF) hosts an Annual Meeting at which time our diverse and dynamic bleeding disorders community gathers together to share information, experiences, ideas and fellowship. For this year's event we met August 13-15 just north of Dallas, Texas at the Gaylord Grapevine hotel. The theme was "Boots on the Ground."


September 15, 2015

I wish that I had hemophilia, too!

“I wish that I had hemophilia, too.” What would you do if your child without the diagnosis said that to you? It is actually spoken – and silently thought -- more often than you might think. Parents sometimes react with shock or anger. That’s understandable from an adult perspective. But kids have a different way of seeing things. They often feel impacted by the bleeding disorder too, but in ways that they can’t articulate.


July 30, 2015

Self-Infusion as a Life Lesson

"Self-infusion” is hemophilia jargon. Everyone in the bleeding disorders community knows what it is. The general public is clueless. Observing the teen boys in my cabin at Camp Wannaklot a few weeks ago, I’m convinced that it has value way beyond the medical benefits.


June 19, 2015

Building Hope in Bolivia

This past May 16th I celebrated my fourth anniversary at HoG. To be completely honest, I usually don’t remember my anniversary date. But this year I did, because it coincided with my last training trip to Bolivia. For the past four years it has been my privilege and honor to lead the HoG twinning project with Fundación Nacional de Hemophilia Bolivia (FUNAHEB).