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8607 Roberts Drive, Suite 150 Sandy Springs, GA 30350-2237


Comprehensive Care


A bleeding disorder can affect many parts of your body and your life.  For the best care, you should have many professionals helping you.  Of course, you need a doctor who is an expert in treating bleeding.  You'll also find you need a dentist who knows about your disorder.  Also important are nurses who can teach you about your disorder and how to take care of yourself.  Social workers can help you with a wide range of challenges including insurance and career planning.  A psychologist can help you adjust to living with a bleeding disorder.  All of your health care providers need to know about your particular disorder and the special problems it can cause.

If you had to go out and find these people on your own, it would be hard to do.  In some places it would be nearly impossible.  The good news is that in most parts of the United States the work has already been done for you.  There is a comprehensive care system for people with bleeding disorders.

In the comprehensive care system, experts work as a team to treat the person with a bleeding disorder.  The team often works at one place, called a hemophilia treatment center or a comprehensive care center.  Sometimes you will hear people call it by the short name, "HTC" (Hemophilia Treatment Center).  By going to an HTC, you know that you are getting help from the people who know the most about bleeding disorders.

This section tells more about comprehensive care and why it is the best way to treat bleeding disorders.  It describes some of the people on the comprehensive care team.  There are also information and links to hemophilia treatment centers in Georgia and throughout the world.