Reminder Program


Leigh Carpenter Hemophilia of Georgia PharmacistHow busy is your day? Don’t have time to get to everything? Need reminders to get it all done?

Let us help you remember when it is time to order factor and do it at your convenience. The online order system and reminder program are perfect for your busy schedule.

You can place your pharmacy order at any time of the day or night right from your computer, tablet or phone. The HoG pharmacy staff will process the order by the next business day, verify your insurance coverage, and call you if there are any problems.

All you need is a simple profile in the My HoG section.  Once you have completed the sign up you can also choose which date  the program sends you an email to remind you to place your factor order (your link to the order will be right in the email).

You choose the start date for your email reminders and select how often you want to be reminded:

  • once a month
  • every two months
  • every three months
  • every six months
  • once a year

It is easy and open to everyone who has a My HoG account. Create your My HoG account and set up your reminders today.