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8607 Roberts Drive, Suite 150 Sandy Springs, GA 30350-2237


Ways to Relax


yogaThese are four methods you can use to help you relax.  First, try to find a comfortable and quiet spot.  Practice doing one or more of these methods every day.  Being able to relax will get easier and easier.  Your HTC can help you learn more about these methods.

Deep breathing

Inhale slowly through your nose, silently counting to three.  Push your stomach out as you take in air.  Hold your breath for a couple of seconds.  Let out your breath slowly through your mouth.  Hold your lips like you are going to whistle.  Silently count to three as you let the air out.  Picture yourself blowing out tension.  Breathe in and out this way for a few minutes.

Relaxing your muscles

Start with the top of your head and work down to your toes.  Tighten each group of muscles.  Hold it tight for a second or two and then let it relax.  Do this with the muscles in your face, shoulders, arms, hands, and so on until you reach your toes.

Picture yourself relaxing

Use your imagination to help you relax.  Take a quiet five or ten minutes to picture yourself in a peaceful setting.  Imagine yourself anywhere you might feel calm and rested.  Perhaps you might think about lying on a beach or in a hammock under a tree.  Clearing your mind of problems can leave you feeling more able to tackle them later.  Focus on pictures in your mind such as a lovely painting or a peaceful thought to help you relax.


As surprising as it sounds, exercise is a way many people use to relax.  Working your body can help release tension and clear your mind.  It may make your body better able to handle stress.